How To Fix A “Default Gateway Is Not Available” Error

If you are seeing ‘Default gateway is not available‘ message during troubleshooting your mạng internet connection, then the problem is associated with either incorrect IPhường. address or ISPhường config settings. To solve sầu this issue check out these workarounds first for simpler solutions và then go for the main solutions.

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Initial Workarounds-

1. Restart your computer. After restarting check if you can connect to the mạng internet or not.

2. If you are using an antivirut or firewall, disable it temporarily và try to lớn connect to lớn the internet again.

If any of these didn’t work, go for these fixes-

Fix-1 Rephối IP-

Resetting IP on your computer will solve this issue.

1. Press Windows key+R.

2. Type “cmd” và then hit Ctrl+Shift+Enter keys together.

7. As the next step, what you need to vì is lớn right-clichồng và the network adapter and click on “Properties“.

8. Then, double click on “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)“.

9. Then, cliông chồng on “Use the following IPhường. address:“.

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10. What you need to lớn vì is khổng lồ put these data in the particular tabs (  IP address, Subnet mask, Default gateway) .

11. Under “Use the following DNS server settings:” and input đầu vào these following DNS servers settings-

Preferred DNS server: DNS server: save sầu these settings, cliông xã on “OK“.


This will surely fix your issue.

Try to reconnect lớn the mạng internet again.

Fix-4 Set IPv4 settings manually-

If the previous method didn’t work out, modify the DNS settings of the IPv4 protocol manually lớn solve the issue.

1. Press Windows Key+R, lớn launch Run window.

2. Now, type this và hit Enter to lớn open Network Connections window.


3. To access the properties of the network, right-click on your network and clichồng on the “Properties“.

4. After that, to access IPv4 properties, double click on “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)“.

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