Chuyển file png sang pdf

Convert PNG images to lớn PDF format with’s không tính phí image converter. Other image formats such as BMP., TIFF, GIF, & JPG are also accepted.

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PNG (Portable Network Graphics) are bitmaps images, which are essentially the very raw khung of your pictures (the ones taken with a digital camera). They contain every px và are thus of the utmost high unique. That, & they’re huge!

And thus, this may be quite a pain lớn tóm tắt as you’ll just drag out your time waiting to upload và download images. On the flip side, when you use our PNG to PDF converter online, our software will keep the composition và quality of the photos as cthua trận khổng lồ the original as possible, in considerably smaller sizes.

How to lớn convert PNG lớn PDF online

Upload your image. We accept PNG, as well as GIF, TIFF, BMP, and JPG.

Adjust the formatting as needed. Then click ‘Create PDF Now’.

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Continue to modify your PDF, and/or download it lớn your local drive sầu when you’re done.


Quiông xã, 5-second PNG khổng lồ PDF conversion

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Convert PNG khổng lồ PDF

As we have users from all over the net, we have sầu also implemented various options within the tool that you can choose from, khổng lồ customize the output tệp tin, including the format, orientation, và margin sizes.

Why convert PNG to lớn PDF?


There are a few reasons. The most obvious one is the efficiency in sharing & storing images.

Furthermore, the PDF has established itself as a universal tệp tin type; viewable on nearly all electronic devices, including personal computers, Mobile devices, & tablets.

Besides, PDFs are safe to use. Unlượt thích most image file types, PDF files can easily be password protected with secure encryption. has our very own Protect PDF tool lớn help you lochồng your PDF files.

Saving PNG as another image format


If you’d lượt thích to lớn keep your PNG as another image format, then we’d recommkết thúc for you lớn save it as a JPG. This image format has similar elements to the PDF - the images are compressed và are easy khổng lồ pass around.

To save sầu the final image as JPG, you first have sầu to lớn convert your PNG image to lớn the PDF format. Then, use the PDF lớn JPG tool on our site lớn convert the tệp tin to JPG. Our converters have sầu been cohesively constructed for our users lớn maneuver from one file format lớn another smoothly.

We’re putting our foot down when it comes to lớn filing conversion. Other file formats that we support are from the Microsoft Office family line. Subsequently, by following the same manners, you can save your PNG lớn different file formats, such as Word, Excel, and PPT.

Working with PDF is fun


Once you convert a PNG to PDF, there are over a dozen tools on our site for you lớn use. A myriad of guides on our blog are also readily available to aid your work with PDFs (we run a PDF software, after all). Some of the most prevalent pieces on our blog include:

And finally, to lớn simplify how you work with PDFs, we’ve made sure that our online tools are compatible with all operating systems. You can freely convert PNG khổng lồ PDF on Windows, Mac, Linux, & on your mobile phones.