Canon L11121e Driver Download – L11121E printer is your answer for effective sầu & beneficial print work. Outfitted with Automatic Image Refinement (AIR) innovation, it gives your unmistakable và characterized prints as it levels the harsh edges of the writings & designs. Get quicker prints with its Canon Advanced Printing Technology (CAPT 2.0). It conveys up khổng lồ 12 ppm on A4 paper. It has an upgraded goal of 600 x 600 dpi for increasingly unmistakable prints.

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This is another brilliant gadget created by Canon particularly for the general population who need superior exhibitions at the workplace. This printer is accompanying a lot of enhancements và new innovations, which can assist you with working effectively.

The conservative sầu plan, 45.5 x 35.6 x 34.6 cm, of the Canon Laser Shot printer empowers you lớn fit it in any little space of your trang chính or office. It is pressed with Canon Cartridge 303 that can print up khổng lồ 2,000 prints on A4 measured paper with fresh và clear yield. Get those critical reports in a jiffy, with the On-Demvà Fixing Technology which is Canon’s select element. It is built to give sầu quiông xã prints, with fast warm up & first print can be executed inside 10 seconds of catalyst.

You can settle on what shading you like, and the gadget can be dark or white. It is a little printer, simple lớn keep in the workplace thus quick. The printer has many highlights that improve the nature of prints for archives, pictures or introductions. Canon L11121E printer can convey fast yield at the greathử nghiệm rate of twelve pages for each moment for A4 estimate. Likewise, in the event that you don’t have sầu the archives put away on the PC, no issue, you can use Hi-Speed USB port and print legitimately from your outer gadget.

We can confirm this is a printer for little workplaces, and yet, it very well may be used all over. The contrast aý muốn this và different printers from Canon is the form size. The exhibitions can be the equivalent, & you can bởi proficient work with Canon L11121E Printer like different gadgets.

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Fitted with USB 2.0 interface, the Canon Laser printer is anything but difficult lớn associate and introduce. It is perfect with Windows XP, 2000, ME, 8 & LINUX (CUPS). It has control utilization between 220 V lớn 240 V. It accompanies Cartridge 303, Power Cord, Getting Started Guide và User Software CD ROM.

Installation Procedure (Ij start Canon)

1. Wireless Connection

How to start Canon Printer with Wireless Connection


Make the Connection between theprinter& devices, lượt thích a computer/smartphone/tablet, using a wireless modem/router.

If you own a wireless modem/router, it is recommended that you use it khổng lồ make the wireless connection.


It can be a variation of Connection methods, depending on the wireless router type.The network settings can be changed, you can change the SSID và security protocol on theprinter.After the connection between a device and a wireless modem/router is successfully completed and
(Wi-Fi icon) is displayed in the device’s screen, you are able lớn connect the device khổng lồ theprinterusing the wireless router.

2. USB Connection

Download the driver software based on your operating system Version from the table belowDouble Clichồng on the driver software fileFollow the instructionConnect the printer USB cable to your computerWhen the installation procedures are done, print a kiểm tra pageIf it prints well, the printer is ready to lớn use.

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